Společnost pro obnovu pamtátek Úštěska

The Revitalization of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Konojedy u Úštěku

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The 14 month long project „Revitalization of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Konojedy“, financed by the EEA and Norway Grants 2009–2014 was completed in August 2016. Thanks to this project a church was saved, which everybody thought was doomed to slowly becoming a ruin. This project included the structural renovation of the whole building, its interior and exterior, and large amounts of specialized restoration work. The church will be open to the public during cultural events, concerts or exhibitions. You can see how the project progressed below in the section Revitalization – Church Konojedy – News

The baroque Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary stands on a rocky knoll in the village of Konojedy, about six kilometers away from the town of Úštěk. It is part of the former Servite Convent. The adjacent monastery is the most prominent of the five Servite monasteries in Bohemia (for more about Servite Order see servite-order.pdf ). The church, together with the former convent, is of substantial cultural and historical significance.

The church and the Servite monastery were founded by Francis Charles Swéerts-Sporck and his wife Anne Catherine. Anne Catherine was the daughter of F.A. Sprock the renowned founder of the complex in Kuks. The monastery was founded in gratitude for the triple healing of their only child after the application of a scapular with relics of the founders of the Servite Order.

The establishment of the church was approved in Vienna in 1746 and in the following year the cornerstone was laid. In 1786 the church was ordained by bishop Waldstein of Litoměřice. After the dissolution of the Servite Order in 1786, it functioned as a parish church and later fell into private ownership.

The late baroque Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was built on the site of an older early baroque church (only its crypt was incorporated into the new structure). The construction took place from 1748 to 1752. Although it was ordained in 1762, furnishing of the interior and other minor works continued. The original master builder was Wenzl Hebeck of Lysá nad Labem, but the construction was later overseen by Anton Miller.

From 1912 to 1914 the church underwent a major reconstruction of both the exterior – restoring the roof and facade – and interior – repairing cracks in the vault, re-tiling the floor and repainting. In 1915 many of the altar paintings were restored. In 1945 the church was damaged by blasts in a nearby quarry; in the second half of the twentieth century the grounds were used by the army and gradually fell into disrepair. In the 1980s the church was gradually vacated and repeatedly burgled.

The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is an impressive single-nave structure with a tower behind the orthogonal presbyterium and the sacristy and oratory attached on the north side. The west-facing front facade is rather terse, standing on a tall supporting wall divided by groups of pilasters which also line the corners. Its dominant feature is the tall semicircular window, complemented on either side by vaulted alcoves for statues. Finally, the front face is topped off with a triangular gable with volute wings and a metal carving of God´s eye embedded in the gable´s apex. The side facades are rhythmically divided by tall arched windows and pilasters.

The church´s single-nave interior features chapels between the retracted pillars on the flanks. Above a vault on the western side stands the organ matremonium (the organ itself did not survive), while on the east side a tall triumphal arch transitions the main vault into an orthogonal choir with a two-story triforium. The nave is spanned by several segments of barrel vaults, separated by wide bands.

Up until the 1970s, the church was very lavishly furnished. The richly embellished altars were built with marble imported from Italy and Austria and were adorned with many statues. Prague sculptor I. F. Platzer and Liberec painter F. Leibner both contributed greatly to the decór. The sad torsos of the main and auxiliary altars, remnants of the pulpit and a handful of benches were all that remained of its former beauty.

Later the church was structurally unsound, the inner and outer facades were in critical condition and the interior had been severely devastated and looted.
A turning point for the state of the church was the beginning of the year 2015, when our Society for the Restoration of Monuments in the Úštěk Region managed to obtain a grant from the Norway Grants for the complete revitalization of the church, including the refurbishment of the surviving furniture. The church´s structural integrity was restored, new façades were made and new windows installed. The interior was completely renovated as well: the interior was replastered, the stucco decorations were renewed, the marble parts of all the altars were cleaned and completed, the furniture was refurbished in restorers´ workshops (church pews, doors, parquets), and new lighting was installed. The altar picture of the main altar was restored to its rightful place. The return of additional surviving furniture is being negotiated.
In the future the church will serve for staging various cultural events.



Celebration to mark project completion

29. 09. 16

After a fourteen-month renovation marathon, all construction came to an end and the church finally showed its original beauty. The noise and chaos of construction was replaced by music. A concert to celebrate completion of the project took place September 24 at 4 p.m. The Piccolo coro choir and the Piccola orchestra led by Marek Valášek played music from several periods, including orchestral as well as vocal compositions. Guests and audience filled up the nave, the oratory and the choir.

Before the concert, an official event celebrated the completion of the revitalization of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Tomáš Hlaváček, chairman of the Society for the Restoration of Monuments in the Úštěk Region and the main initiator of the project, delivered the welcome speech. Other speakers included Oldřich Bubeníček, Governer of the Ústí Region, and Frank Arne Johansen, Secretary of the Norwegian Embassy, who said he was happy that support went to such a successful and beautiful project. PhDr. Petr Hrubý, director of the regional office of the National Heritage Institute in Ústí nad Labem outlined the challenges and achievements of the restoration project from the heritage point of view. Guests also heard from Mgr. Tereza Vavrečková, deputy director of the International Relations Dept., Czech Ministry of Finance, and our partner in Norway, Mr. Jiří Havran. Doc. PhDr. Michaela Hrubá, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University that partnered with the project mentioned mutual benefits of this partnership. J. M. can. Jiří Hladík O.Cr., provost of the St. Stephen canonry in Litoměřice discussed spiritual aspects of the project. The final speech was delivered by Mr. Vladimír Přibyl, owner of the Konojedy castle and church, who was the key person in the entire project. Mr. Přibyl also gave his reply to frequent questions about his motivation to engage in such a demanding project. His motto is to feel good about doing good things. The event was very joyful and contained promising notes about the possible return and restoration of the original church furnishings, most of which have been preserved. A new challenge for the future!
The event celebrating the completion of the project
is opened by Mr. Tomáš Hlaváček, Society Chairman.The oratory hosted a lot of
guests.Mr. Oldřich Bubeníček,
Governor of the Ústí Region, stressed the importance of heritage sites for the region.Tajemník
norské ambasády Frank Arne Johansen.J. M. can. Jiří Hladík O.Cr., Provost of the St. Stephen canonry in Litoměřice.Mr. Vladimír Přibyl, the owner of the Konojedy castle and churchMr. Vladimír Přibyl, the owner of the Konojedy castle and church, opens the concert.A view of the crowded
church nave.Piccolo corro choir and the Piccola orchestra led
by the conductor Marek Valášek. Performed music by W. A. Mozart, P. I. Tchaikovsky, A. Pärt, G. F. Händel and

The newspapers Krajské listy and Litoměřicko 24 published the following about us:

26. 09. 16

The celebration to mark the completion of the project to revitalize the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary took place on Saturday in the renovated space of the church. Among the participants were Oldřich Bubeníček, the Governor of the Ústí nad Labem Region; the Secretary of the Norwegian Embassy; the Sweerts-Sporck family, the descendants of the founders of the church and the adjacent monastery; and a number of other important foreign and domestic partners.

Under the leadership of the Society for the Restoration of Monuments in the Úštěk Region, represented by its chairman Mr. Tomáš Hlaváček, and with the help of the owner of the church, Vladimír Přibyl, and significant grant money from the Norway Funds, the Baroque monument was restored and made accessible to the wider public in just 14 months.

“The Ústí nad Labem Region has supported and continues to support the reconstruction of a number of historical buildings within our region,” stated Mr. Bubeníček. He added that the restoration of monuments helps to return the region to its original identity and, in particular, to show its beauty to current and future visitors

“We are very thankful to our Norwegian friends for their assistance,” added Mr. Bubeníček. As Frank Arne Johansen, Secretary of the Norwegian Embassy, noted, the project to revitalize the church in Konojedy is a practical demonstration of solidarity between two European countries.

Mr. Johansen stated that “the project is not only a renewal of Czech history but of our European history. We are glad that we were able to participate in the project and that the monument will serve coming generations.” Others praising the project included Michaela Hrubá, dean at the Philosophical Faculty of the J.E. Purkyně University, Jiří Hladík, provost of the chapter at St. Stephan’s Cathedral in Litoměřice, and many others.

František Karel Sweerts-Sporck and his wife Anna Kateřina had the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary built in Konojedy to give thanks for their son’s return to health. They also founded the Servite monastery on the grounds of the adjacent castle. The monastery, however, only existed for a short while, because Joseph II closed it down. The church was in a devastated condition by the 1980s, and from then on it was gradually vacated and repeatedly burglarized. Its owner is currently working with other interested parties to preserve the church and the adjacent castle.
Turistickélisty.cz was informed by Ing. Marie Logrová, Ústí nad Labem Regional Athority.
(lh, turistickelisty.cz, photo Ústí nad Labem Region)


Concert to celebrate completion of the revitalization project of the Church of the Assumption of Vir

24. 09. 16

We would like to invite you to a concert to celebrate the completion of the revitalization of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Konojedy u Úštěku, that will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 4 p.m. at the church. The Piccolo coro choir and the Piccola orchestra led by the conductor Marek Valášek will perform music by M. Praetorius, W. A. Mozart, J. S. Bach, B. Martinů, P. I. Tchaikovsky, A. Pärt, and G. F. Händel.
Southwest view of the Konojedy
na kostel ze severu - loď kostela se sakrisití a oratoří.View from the north – church nave with the sacristy and
oratory.Detail západního štítu s zrestaurovaným křížem a Božím okem.Detail of the western gable with the restored
cross and the Eye of God.Hlavní oltář byl kompletně restaurován.The main altar has been completely restored.Detail hlavního oltáře. Restaurování torza
plastiky Nejsvětější Trojice nás čeká v další etapě rekonstrukce.Detail of the main altar. Restoration of the
Holy Trinity statue will be included in the next stage of the project.Pohled z
oratoře do lodě kostela.View from the oratory to the nave.Kompletně zrestaurováno bylo
i schodiště ze sakrisite do oratoře.The staircase leading from the sacristy to the oratory has undergone complete
restoration.Jeden ze
čtyř křišťálových lustrů osazených v lodi kostela.One of the four crystal chandeliers installed in the church

And we’re done…

31. 08. 16

The last month was really busy but everything worked out in the end. Metal railing was installed on the staircase. All the restored doors are in place, including wonderful metal fittings. All the church pews now invite churchgoers to sit down. The stone paving in the nave and the marble paving in the chancel are now finished. All restoration works involving the main altar have been completed, the marble now displaying its beautiful original color, and the only surviving statue – God the Father – has been cleaned. There are gilded capitals again as well as the altar picture. The church now has brand new lighting: four new crystal chandeliers, wall-mounted candlesticks and new lights in the church area. The sacristy and the oratory have been furnished with new crystal pendant chandeliers. The south facade is completely repaired and structurally secured, and the adjacent slope has been landscaped.
The restored oak pews are again back where they
used to be. Restaurované dubové lavice jsou již na svých místech.View of the restored nave with
new lighting.Almost completely damaged prior to the restoration,
the oratory now has new parquet flooring, walls, windows, as well as new crystal chandeliers. Původně zcela zničená
oratoř se dočkala nové parketové podlahy, obnovené byly omítky a okna, zavěšeny jsou nové křišťálové
lustry.New chandeliers in the sacristy.Nové lustry v
sakristii.Restored door
leading from the church nave to the sacristy. Restaurované dveře vedoucí z kostela do sakristie.The door between the staircase and the oratory.
Dveře mezi schodištěm a oratoří.Restored window and kneeler in the oratory. Obnovené okno a klekátko v oratoři.Restored marble floor in front of the main altar.
Obnovená mramorová podlaha před hlavním oltářem.Restored stonemasonry features
on the side-altar, including gilded column capitals.Obnovené kamenické prvky na bočním oltáři včetně zlacených

On the home stretch...

15. 07. 16

We have exactly a month left to complete the construction and restoration work! Restoration work on the main altar and stone floors in the interior is being wrapped up and damaged stone crypt coverings have been repaired. The parquet flooring in the oratory awaits its finishing coat. The painted crosses with wreaths on the pilasters in the church’s nave have been renewed. Refurbished pews are gradually being returned to the interior and mounted to their restored wooden bases. On the south façade only the final few square meters are still to be painted.
What is still ahead of us? Finishing up surface repairs on the stone floors, reviving electrical installations, attaching the refurbished doors, mounting light fixtures and hanging four large crystal chandeliers created by Prousek Exclusive Lighting LLC from Kamenický Šenov.
And then just the final cleanup…
Restaurátoři oživili barevnost mramorů na
hlavním oltáři. Experts renewed the color of the marble on the main altar.Experts renewed the color of the marble on the main
altar.Restaurátoři oživili barevnost mramorů na hlavním oltáři.Poškozené záklopové desky krypt byly doplněny
umělým kamenem. Artificial stone added to the damaged crypt hatchesPo doplnění
umělým kamenem je třeba povrch záklopových desek barevně sjednotit - dopatinovat. After adding artificial stone,
the lids must be unified in color using patina.Věnce s kříži na sloupech pilastrů před
restaurováním..... Festoons with crosses on the pilasters before restoration..... a po
restaurování. …And after restoration.Parketovou podlahu v oratoři zbývá jen natřít
olejovým nátěrem. Parquet flooring in the oratory must still be sealed with oil coating.Na jižní fasádě lodi bylo třeba opravit
římsy a doplnit poškozené a nebo úplně chybějící detaily. Cornices and a number of damaged or missing features
had to be repaired on the south façade.Horní římsa jižní fasády po nátěru. Upper
cornice on the south façade after painting.

Work on the south facade now in full swing

20. 06. 16

Work on the south facade is going according to plan; a number of stucco decorations such as the cornices above windows and chambranles have already been renewed. The laying of parquets in the oratory is nearing completion. Restorers are still working on the main altar and finishing up the restoration of the pulpit.
Korunní římsa
před dokončením. Detailní tvar se provádí pomocí dřevěné šablony. Façade cornice shortly before completion;
details finalized using a wooden template.Detail štukové profilace okenní šambrány.
Detail of the stucco profile of the window trim.Z průběhu práce na obnově štukové
šambrány.Restoration of the stucco window trim.Detail obnovené korunní římsy. Detail of the restored facade cornice.Parkety pokryly již téměř celou plochu
oratoře.Parquet flooring now covering almost the entire oratory.Kazatelna
těsně před dokončením.Pulpit shortly before completion.

Konojedy church welcomes four hundred visitors for Open Doors Day

12. 06. 16

Over the course of the day around four hundred people visited the church. We thank everyone for the positive reactions to the progress of the reconstruction and we look forward to seeing everyone again for the completion ceremony on September 24th, 2016.
Den otevřených
dveří 11.6.2016 Open doors event, June 11, 2016 Loď kostela bez
lešení, zde jsou dokončeny výmalby a restaurovány architektury bočních oltářů.The nave without scaffolding;
painting and side-altar restoration completed. Návštěvníci si
prohlédli panskou oratoř kde aktuálně probíhá pokládka parket.Visitors were able to visit the oratory where the
parquet panels are being installed. Pohled do opravených a vymalovaných kleneb
kostela je impozantní. Breathtaking view of the repaired and painted church vaults.

Open Doors Day at the Konojedy church

11. 06. 16

Dear friends,
since last year, the project for the Revitalization of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Konojedy near Úštěk has been underway, which is financed by the EEA and Norway Grants 2009 – 2014. Even before the completion of the construction and restoration work we offer an opportunity to take a look at the interior in the process of reconstruction on Saturday, June 11th, 2016 from 1:00 to 3:30 pm when the church will be exceptionally open to the general public. Visitors will have the opportunity to take a guided look at the altar in the process of restoration, and have access to the presbyterium, the oratory of the order and the connecting passageways of the church.
We look forward to meeting you!
Fellowship for the restoration of historical monuments in the Úštěk district.

Restoration of side altars complete

10. 06. 16

The scaffolding has nearly disappeared from the interior, except on the main altar, where stonemasons are still working. The side altars are now in their full glory, and the beautiful colors of the marble stand out thanks to the work of restorers. In the church’s nave work is underway on restoration and replenishing of the stone tiles. Intensive masonry work is being carried out on the south facade.
Pohled do lodi kostela, na
hlavním oltáři intenzivně pracují restaurátoři. View of the nave, restoration experts working on the main altar.Zrestaurovaný boční oltář, obrazy ani
sochařská výzdoba se v místě nedochovala.Restored side-altar; no paintings and statues have been preserved on the
místech, kde byl podklad příliš zvlněný, bylo nutno dlažbu vyjmout. Paving had to be dismantled in areas where
the base was too unevenJižní
fasáda v průběhu prací. Work on the southern wall underway

We started repairing the south facade

11. 05. 16

Once the demanding preparatory work of structurally securing the south façade had been completed, we were able to start repairing it. The scaffolding has now been built almost along the whole length of the façade and work on it is in full swing.
In the interior we continue to dismount the scaffolding. The interior has been painted up to the height of the crown molding. The stone masons continue to restore the marble parts of the side altars and have started repairing the main altar. Wooden pilasters and other accessories have been dismantled from the main altar and moved to the restorers’ workshop. In the meantime the inlaid door from the sacristy has been restored to its original glory. Only the hardware is now missing.
fasáda pod lešením.Southern wall covered by scaffolding.Pohled do
lodi od hlavního oltáře. View of the nave from the main altar.Kameníci restaurují hlavní
oltář a  i v plném denním světle si přisvěcují.Stonemasons restoring the main altar, using additional lighting
even in daylight.Původní stav intarzovaných
dveří ze sakristie. Inlaid door from the sacristy in its original state.Zrestaurované intarzované dveře ze sakristie.
Restored inlaid door from the sacristy.

Vault of the church without scaffolding

15. 04. 16

The vault of the church is completely renovated and the upper floors of the scaffolding are dismounted. The colors of the interior were chosen on the basis of the research done by the Center for Documentation and Digitalization of the Cultural Heritage at FF UJEP and after consultations with the preservationists.
Obnovená klenba se pomaluje odhaluje v plné
kráse.Restored vaults gradually revealing their beauty.Pohled na opravenou klenbu směrem k hlavnímu
oltáři.View of the restored vaults near the main altar.Pohled na
klenbu směrem k západu. View of the vaults towards the west.Detail obnovené
klenby kostela.Detail of the restored vaults.

The stucco decor is being restored to its original beauty

30. 03. 16

We are descending from the heavenly heights… The vault of the church acquired its final form and so it was possible to start dismounting the upper floors of the scaffolding. The detailed work on restoring the marble altars is continuing. The renovation of the stucco ledges and volutes is in full swing. Crumbled parts of the stucco are being filled in; the missing ones have to be modeled analogically. Some stucco elements had to be created on a tin bracing. The carpenters put new oak stairs in the connecting part between the church and the castle. In the restorers’ workshops original cassette doors from the sacristy and wooden landings of the steps in front of the side altars are being restored to their original beauty. Before spring began we cleared volunteer shrubs in the area in front of the church. After many years it is now possible to see the group of statues in front of the church.
Kameníci jsou v plné práci.
Stonemasons at work.Původní
stav štukové hlavice. Stucco capitals before restoration.Detail poškození štuku na hlavici.Detail of the stucco damage on the capital.Průběh obnovy štukových listů. Restoration of the stucco trims.Detail obnovené štukové výzdoby volutové 
hlavice. Detail of the restored stucco decoration of a volute column capital.Původní stav
schodiště ve spojovacím krčku mezi kostelem a zámkem.Original state of the staircase in the connecting hallway
between the church and the castle.A takto
vypadá nové dubové schodiště.And this is the new oak staircase.Intarzovaná podesta z bočního oltáře po
restaurátorském zásahu. Inlaid side-altar platform after restoration.Dveře ze sakristie nabývají
v restaurátorské dílně své původní krásy. Door from the sacristy regaining its original beauty in the
restoration workshop.

The stonemasons have started the restoration of marble altars

29. 02. 16

The stonemasons finished restoring the stone elements of the church façade and are now working on the interior. They started restoring marble sections of the side altars (different color marble was imported back then from Italy and Austria). All the tiny cracks have to be filled in, thus unifying the surface, and painted with a protective sealer. It is very delicate and detailed work. The floor boarding in the oratory is ready; the carpenters will lay the renovated parquet floor on top of it.
Kamenné ostění
po obnově.Stone siding after restoration.Obnovená kamenná římsa.
Restored stone cornice.Detail poškození mramorových částí oltáře.
Detail of the damage on the marble parts of the .Stav
mramorové kazatelny před obnovou.altarMarble pulpit before restoration

The golden cross and the God´s eye returned to the west gable

15. 02. 16

After necessary preparation work the stone balls with golden flames have been placed on the west gable. The gold-plated God´s eye has been placed on the gable´s tympanum and the gold-plated cross on the tip of the gable.
The south and west naves got new stained glass windows. The workers have gradually put in hexagonal metal frames with glass and step by step filled in the windows.
The restoration work on the wooden pedestals of the altars is in progress.
Pohled na Z průčelí - štít s nově osazenými vázami, koulemi a Božím okem v tympanonu. View of the western
face with newly installed decorative vases, balls and the Eye of God in the tympanumOsazování zlaceného kříže.Installation of the gilded cross.A takhle vidí svět kamenná koule ze západního
štítu. This is the world as seen by the stone ball on the western wall.Západní štít
po opravě. Western wall after the restoration.J strana lodi -  práce při osazování nového
vitrajového okna. Southern side of the nave – installation of a new stained glass window.J strana lodi - práce při
osazování částí nového okna. Southern side of the nave – installing elements of a new window.Pohled na obnovenou  klenbu nad kůrem. A view of
the restored vault above the choir loft.

The structure of the arches continues to be secured and plaster is being restored

31. 01. 16

Structural work on the arches is progressing. The system of arches is being gradually secured with the help of connecting bars. All the cracked parts of the arches were supported and damaged sections taken apart and newly filled in. The renovated arch system is being replastered and stucco decorations renovated. The ceiling of the oratory has been replastered and stucco decorations on the window lintels redone.
Work has began on the renovation of the oratory floor. It will be prepared so that the renovated parquet floor can be laid.
Pohled na klenbu se systémem heli-táhel. View of the vaults with the drawbar system.Staticky narušená klenba nad kůrem - před
opravou. Structurally damaged vault above the choir loft before restoration.Přezdívání poškozené klenby nad kůrem.
Repairing the damaged vault above the choir loft.Nová vyzdívka poškozené klenby nad kůrem.
Newly completed wall of the damaged vault above the choir loft.Klenba v Z části
hlavní lodi -detail obnovené omítky a  šukové výzdoby. Vault on the western side of the nave – detail of the
restored wall and stucco ornaments.Obnovená omítka se štukovou výzdobou v
oratoři. Renewed wall and stucco ornaments in the oratory.

Structural works on church arches in full swing

15. 01. 16

Work on the structure of the church nave and presbytery is progressing. Damaged vault bands are being supported, wedged and re-plastered. The arches of the nave and presbytery are gradually being reinforced with the help of draw rods, inserted into the arch masonry. Work on the renovation of the wooden panel parquets from the oratory and the panel doors is continuing in the restorer workshop. In addition the last windows are being produced.
Podchycení poškozeného
klenebního pasu.Přezdívání klenebního pasu
- pohled z půdy.Redoing the barrel vault – view from the atticCelkový
pohled na zpevňovanou klenbu.Overall view of the restored vaultDetailní pohled na osazená heli-táhla, která
zpevňují klenbu. Detail of the installed drawbars that brace the vaultsDetail
vedení heli-táhel v klenbě. Detail of the drawbars in the vaults.Stav kazetových parket z oratoře před
obnovou.Inlaid parquet flooring before restoration.Restaurované pole kazetové podlahy z oratoře.
Segment for restoration from the inlaid flooring in the oratory.Stav
kazetových dveří před restaurováním. Inlaid door before restoration.Z
průběhu restaurování kazetových dveří. Inlaid door restoration underway.Závěrečné práce na zrestaurovaném okně ze
západního průčelí.Final touches on the restored window from the western façade.

Stone and metal elements from the west façade have been renovated

21. 12. 15

The stonemasons delivered replicas of stone balls, which will be placed on the gable of the west façade. The gold plated cross, the copy of the God’s eye and the flames from stone balls have been restored and brought from the restorer workshop. The originals have been preserved. Consultations with the preservationists about the colors of the inner walls of the church are continuing.
Pohled na kompletně opravené východní
průčelí s věží.A view of the completely repaired eastern face with the steeple.Kopie kamenných koulí ze západního
průčelí.Replicas of the stone balls from the western façade.Zlacená kopie Božího oka,
která bude osazena na západní průčelí.A gilded replica of the Eye of God that will be installed in the western
façade.Návrhy na barevnost vnitřní
výmalby kostela. Color suggestions for painting the church interior.

God's eye to shine in gold

30. 11. 15

Additional work needed to secure structural soundness was approved. Everyone got straight to work: the cracks were wedged and filled in, the masonry was injected and walls were reinforced with special connecting rods. Work has also begun on the western face. From its gable a metal carving of God´s eye will be lowered. Due to the bad condition of the carving, the decision has been made to adorn the gable with a gold-plated replica; the original eye will be preserved and eventually presented in the interior of the church. Scaffolding is being erected in the church´s main nave as electrical work continues.
Boží oko bylo sneseno  k restaurování The Eye of God taken down for restoration.Západní průčelí již také pod lešením.
Western façade covered by scaffolding.Detail na statické práce - vyklínkovaná spára
s táhlem. Installation of a special drawbar to brace the wall.Osazování speciálního táhla, zpevňujícího
zdivo.Working to structurally secure the wall.A stále ještě děláme cestu pro kabely. We’re still making a pathway for cables.

Roofs of the church and sacristy complete

30. 09. 15

Work on the sacristy is in full swing; the roof has been completed and the underside of the ceiling in the attic has been covered. Work on the church is also going well. Tiles on the roof of the church have been laid and work on the northern facade is soon to be completed. Windows on the southern and eastern facades have been mounted, and an order for the windows on the western side has been put in. Electrical work in the interior continues.
Pohled na podbitý strop sakristie. View of the ceiling paneling in the sacristy.Z
průběhu překládky krytiny. Roof tiles being installed.Na severní fasádě jsou práce v plném proudu.Work underway on the northern wall.Takhle se vytváří šambrány okolo oken.This is
how window moldings are made.

Work on the eastern facade nearing completion

15. 09. 15

As work on the facades continues into September, preservationists have specified the colors of the façade´s elements. Carpenters are finalizing the installation of ceiling beams above the sacristy, and roofers have begun laying the tiles on the roof above the main vault. Stonemasons are finalizing the restoration of stone elements on the church´s eastern facade, tower, oratory and sacristy. Preservationists have decided on the final patination of the vases on the eastern facade. Replicas of missing window bars have been installed in the sacristy and oratory. The clearing of rubble in the vicinity of the church is underway.
Pohled do krovu v průběhu oprav. A view of the truss during restorationDetail opravené korunní římsy kostela. A detail
of the repaired façade cornice.Úklid
suti v okolí sakristie. Cleaning the debris around the sacristyDeatil
restaurované vázy. Detail of a restored vase decoration.Stavba prostorového lešení v lodi kostela. Erecting scaffolding in the church nave.Nátěr východní fasády věžě.Painting the
eastern wall of the steeple.Detaily prvků fasády na věži.Details of façade features on the steeple.Detail obnovených zdobných prvků fasády.Details
of restored decorative features on the façade.

Work on the western portion of the church halted

02. 09. 15

The extent of structural damage to the church, specifically cracks, became evident only after the scaffolding had been assembled and rubble cleared from the attic space. Previous attempts to repair the cracks, which partially concealed the structure´s true state, were discovered. The cracks proved to be wider and deeper than originally thought. On the bases of these discoveries, structural engineer K. Duška was invited to the site. He immediately prohibited any further work near the structurally unsound vaults and carried out a revision of the structural assessment.
Velikost trhliny po odstranění omítky a
nesoudržného zdiva. A crack in the western wall after it has been stripped.Trhlina v západním štítě po oklepání
omítek. Damaged window arch in the western wall, the crack contained remnants of previous repairs.Poškozená
klenba okna v západním štítě, v trhlině zbytky předchozí  opravy. The size of the crack after the wall and loose
wall material have been removed.Další z
trhlin  v západním štítě. Another crack in the western wall.

Sacristy facade complete

21. 08. 15

Despite the tropical summer heat, it was possible to continue with work on the northern facades. Masonry work on the sacristy has been completed and chambranles, cornices and stucco features have been renovated. By the end of August the facade will be pained and scaffolding removed. Stonemasons have unified the color of stone features which will be left exposed, and are restoring the portal of the sacristy. The National Heritage Institute has approved the form of the missing flames on stone vases on the eastern and western attics of the church´s vault. The vaulted windows are being secured. The sacristy´s truss has been repaired and laying of the roof has begun.
Fasáda sakristie po prvním
nátěru.Na krov sakristie bude
na nové laťování položena nová bobrovka a doplněny budou chybějící klempířské prvky.Napadené stropní trámy nad oratoří před výměnou. V sakristii začínají
tesaři instalovat nový strop.V interiéru
sakristie je třeba dozdívat poškozené klenby oken.opravený krov nad sakristí oprava fasády věže

Facade color agreed upon

31. 07. 15

Work on the church´s facade successfully continues. The church tower is surrounded by scaffolding, stonemasons continue cleaning and restoring stones, and masons are also hard at work. In the interior, scaffolding has been erected on the western end of the main vault and above the matremonium, making the vaults and windows accessible to closer inspection for structural faults. The National Heritage Institute, represented by Dr. Vít Honys has decided to preserve the remnants of the organ – parts of the air ducts, windbags and operating petals. These parts will be cleaned and left in their current state. Hopefully one day even the organ will be returned to its place.
The color of the church´s facade has been decided upon – ocher and white are its new colors!

Lešení na věži,
právě se natahují ochranné sítě.V interiéru už
stojí na kruchtě prostorové lešení.Lešení už je i na západním
štítu kostela.Střecha nad lodí už opravdu potřebuje opravu.Vybrat barvy fasád je opravdu výzva! Pohled na zámek a kostel od
konojedského hřbitova.

Restoration of wooden features commenced

23. 07. 15

This week work on the restoration of wooden features began. The church´s pews, listed as a movable cultural heritage asset, have been transported to the restoration workshop. The restorers documented and disassembled the wooden landings in front of the altar; the surviving pieces will be restored and missing ones replaced by identical copies of the originals. Ground level windows were taken apart, as were the jalousie windows from the church´s tower. They will be repaired and missing pieces will be replaced.
Work on the sacristy´s facade continues, and work has commenced on the facade of the main vault. Carpenters are repairing and filling in missing pieces of the truss above the oratory. Stone restoration is periodically consulted with Dr. Hrubý of the National Heritage Institute in Ústí nad Labem.

Stonework and truss repairs underway

15. 07. 15

Work on the roof of the oratory continues with repairs of the truss. The roofing tiles have been taken down and will be used to replace damaged or missing tiles covering the main vault. The damaged truss above the oratory will be repaired; new laths will be installed and covered with new roofing tiles. Stonemasons have begun cleansing stone cornices, window jambs and the first of the stone vases on the church´s eastern face.
Zahájeny práce na opravě krovu oratoře. Work
underway to rebuild the oratory trussBez autojeřábu bychom s
trámy délky 11 metrů v profilu 26 x 36 cm nepohnuli. We wouldn’t be able to move these 11m-long 26x36cm beams
without a crane.Pohled na krov oratoře. A view of the oratory
truss. Po opravě krovu bude položena
nová bobrovka, zatím bude střecha provizorně zaplachtována. After repairing the truss, we will lay new seamless red
clay roof tiles, in the meantime, the roof will be covered with sheeting.Kamenící očišťují kamenné prvky tlakovou
vodou. Stonemasons cleaning stone features with a pressure washer.Takto vypadaly šambrány oken sakristie před
třemi týdny.... This is what the window moldings in the sacristy looked like three weeks ago…...a takto vypadají dnes. ...And this is what they look like now.

Electrification of the church has begun

10. 07. 15

In the past days, work to renew power distribution was launched. Kilometers of new cable will be laid both on the exterior of the building, and on the interior, beneath the plastering. Work on the facade continues on the eastern side below the tower. Pews and surviving interior doors are ready to be transported to the restoration workshop.
Budou nataženy kilometry nových elektrických
rozvodů. We will install kilometers of electrical wiringNové kabely budou schovány pod omítkami. New cables will be hidden inside the walls.Dřevěné lavice jsou
připraveny na převoz do restaurátorské dílny. Wooden pews are ready for transport to the restoration workshop.

Building work successfully in motion

30. 06. 15

Immediately after the signing of the contract, the firm PAMA, spol. s.r.o launched construction work. More than 60 tons of rubble, which was disproportionately straining the church´s vault, has been cleared from the attic and hauled away. The wooden spiral staircase leading to the attic has been repaired. Work to fix the truss and the interiors of the sacristy and oratory have commenced, as have repairs of the facades of the sacristy and the corridor connecting the church to the monastery.
Bez lešení bychom fasády neopravili. We
wouldn’t be able to repair the façade without scaffolding.Pod lešením je již celá sakristie a východní
fasáda kostela. The entire sacristy and the east façade already covered by scaffolding.Havarijní stav točitého schodiště neumožňoval bezpečný přístup na půdu. The dangerously dilapidated
spiral staircase did not allow safe access to the attic.A
takto krásné je nové schodiště. And now look at the beautiful new staircase.Na klenbách leželo více jak 60 tun suti. The
vaults were holding over 60 tons of debris.Půda vyklizena, klenby odlehčeny od ulehlé suti z předchozích rekonstrukcí střech. The attic has been
cleared, the vaults are relieved from the weight of debris collected
in past roof renovations.Ani deštivé počasí nemůže zastavit práce na
fasádách. Not even the rain can stop work on the façade.Opraveny budou nejen římsy nad okny. Restoration
will not include just cornices above windows.Dle dochovaných fragmentů
budou obnoveny ozdobné prvky fasád. Based on preserved fragments, ornamental features on the façade will be restored
as well.Interiéry sakristie
a oratoře jsou značně poškozeny. The sacristy and oratory interiors are quite badly damaged. Oratoř nemá stropy ani podlahy, asi se někomu v minulosti hodilo dřevo na topení. The oratory has no ceilings
and floors – somebody probably used them as firewood.

Supplier of restoration work chosen

18. 06. 15

Today a contract has been signed with PAMA, spol. s.r.o., Heřmanova 713/53a, Prague 7, which prevailed in the selection process. Work began immediately, as the deadline is April 15, 2016. We still have a lot of work ahead of us!

Internships launched with freshmen of the UJEP

15. 06. 15

In the last week of June, students of the Philosophy Faculty of the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, under the guidance of the Center for Documentation and Digitalization of Cultural Heritage, provided historical analysis on the church´s truss, aiming to determine its stratigraphy and secondary features. They also took detailed inventory of constructional, architectonic and epigraphic features relating to the development of the truss. Participants in the course got the chance to take samples of wooden constructions for dendrochronological analysis intended to determine the precise dates of the individual construction phases of the church.
The students also measured the church´s dimen­sions, and with the help of AutoCAD created models of the church from various perspectives including floor plans and cross-sections.
The complete article is available here: http://ff.ujep.cz/

UJEP v krovu kostela. UJEP students in the church truss.Detail skenování dveří kostela. Detail of the church door scanning processSkenování zachovaných dveří před zahájením
restaurování.Scanning of the existing door prior to restoration.Skenování zachovaných dveří před zahájením
restaurování. Scanning of the existing door prior to restorationSkenovány byly i štukové prvky interiéru.
Scanning of the stucco features in the interior.Skenovány byly i štukové prvky interiéru - erb
na empoře. Scanning of the stucco features in the interior – a coat of arms in the gallery.Studenti UJEP při práci v interiéru kostela.
UJEP students working in the church interior

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